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I made a thing with my all time favorite ask blogs in the kagerou project fandom. I might make a part two if I feel like it 

Hey! Check out the collab I organized with wonderful people. We all worked super hard, so please take some time to watch it > w <! Its the rap version of sweet devil! 


Sweety Breezy Pow! Get Busy

性テキな I see, Whatever All Night, All Night

COLLABORATION FINISHED WITH MY DARLING WIFE SUZU  <3 <3 <3 I [Yunjung] did the sketch/lines and she did the super love gorgeous coloring. Its for a future Project of Sweet Devil! StaY Tuned! >  < 

(( sorry I posted this like three times but I’m very excited for this project ;//v//; and my friend suzu worked so hard coloring my poopy lines //SHOT )) 

You Bastards.. ( especially you Kano )  

Hey Guys!! Shin Mun here!

Anyway My friends and I (aka fluffly potato family) decided to do the Switch Around Meme <3 .. We’re probably the last people on earth to do something like this but oh well xD We decided to do Seto, Kano and Shintaro /o/ /o/ /o/ /o/ <3 <3  Tokki and Hiyopu chan are so talented <3

Pros who did this with me <3 

Tokki (ubacchau-yo) AKA reclusiveloser

Hiyopu (hiyopu) AKA stealingawayglances

Yunjung (shark-infested-yogurt) AKA this blog

(( what do you do on holidays )) 

(( there you go lol Suzu (aka reclusiveloser ) actually made up the BROTHER SISTER RABBU DIALOGUE… i ruined it with troll ene //SHOT )) 

(( Yeah&#8230; I&#8217;m late.. but uh&#8230;. URMMM&#8230; gomen.. Atleast you know that i&#8217;m left handed? xD .. sobs )) 

(( Yeah… I’m late.. but uh…. URMMM… gomen.. Atleast you know that i’m left handed? xD .. sobs )) 

((Like Father In Law like Son)) 


Hi guys! >//w//<! Melon-chan (tokkipow) and I are currently working on a summer project with a chorus right now (chorus will be revealed later :3c)

And I’m just here to say DAYUM right now we’re doing a hella great job right now (mainly because melon chan sobs internally). I’m really proud how awesome this turns out. I did the drawing+line art. And Melon chan did the amazing pro arts coloring :DD (we might do commissions later ;D soon uhuhuhuhuhuhuhu) 

P.S.: the dude has cotton candy hair because he wants to and it looks cool.  

[Hey guys SHINSHINMUN here :D I will be taking a short hiatus because I’m currently working on a project with SHINMUN

((tokkipow AKA reclusiveloser AKA pro shintaro rp blog))

but seriously yeah i’m really proud of the both of us working on this project! I did the line arts and drawing and shinmun did the amazing pro coloring <3 <3 <3. 


can you believe that we have to draw 10 moar people :l … ITS OK HAVE FAITH IN US GUYS. I’ll be on a short hiatus because of summer vacation (to cali) and this lol. I hope JIN doesn’t hurt our insides anymore xD…sobs


sodacreeper out]